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The world’s most secure and flexible webcast platform, relied on daily by over 200 of the world’s largest companies.


The most secure and reliable remote webcast platform in the global market.

Relied on daily by over 200 of the world’s largest companies.

A high quality and cost-efficient broadcast communications tool.

Fully integrated with Zoom, Cisco, video and audio conferencing units.

The most advanced platform for audiences to view and interact on any device, in any place, at any time.

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Why should I use STREAMSTUDIO?

What should I use it for?

Investor relations – Expand the reach and quality of your corporate and financial communications.

Internal communications – Deliver business-critical company messages across your business with high impact. Receive immediate audience feedback via polls, Q&A and other data reporting.

Marketing – Build engagement with prospects at every stage of your sales process and capture analytics from registration, live and on-demand engagement and surveys.

Sales – Conduct online sales demos, sales campaigns, kick-offs and pipeline updates. Share sales information to your global salesforce.

Product launches – Educate, demonstrate and drive product awareness. Communicate new product releases.

HR and training – Deliver training programmes to globally dispersed teams, attract talent and free up HR time by conducting online recruitment days and induction activities.

Reduce inbox clutter – Improve your communication processes by delivering messages at single points of time to large numbers of individuals, reducing inbox clutter and message overload.

No infrastructure costs – Use your existing video business systems to deliver your messages to a much wider audience, without investment in infrastructure.

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How is STREAMSTUDIO supported?

This is the supported STREAMSTUDIO workflow for each stage of a typical webcast.


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Registration microsite
Drive event registration with a detailed microsite, and capture critical attendee information.

Attendee template
27 language configuration creates an inclusive communications culture for your attendees.

Access control
Manage who attends your event with whitelisting, blacklisting, password protection, bandwidth detection and IP range selection.

Proxy and attendee limits
Control your network and webcast event attendance levels.

Set attendee reminders to maximise attendance.

Cover version

Cover version and template cascades – A powerful feature that allows you to brand your webcast with multiple “skins” for different audiences.

So the same content can be concurrently delivered to…

  • An external Facebook page with video and a Facebook chat function.
  • An external website where you can pick and choose the features that are required.
  • Internal staff with extra information about an event or a product.

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Make your content available to the widest possible audience with subtitling, closed captioning and translations.

Video, audio and slides
Broadcast live, simulive or direct to on-demand with our professional AV teams in most global locations. Or maximise your existing business applications such as Zoom, VCU or conference call facility.

Multimedia play and hyperlinks
Connect your audiences to pre-recorded videos and third-party content that enhances your presentation.

Downloadable content and slides
Extend the lifespan of your content by allowing attendees to download the slide presentation and supporting materials.

Speaker bios
Introduce your speakers to the audience by adding key facts, experience, video and photos to their bios.

Presenter console - Chat

Engage with remote presenters, moderators and producers throughout your live event to manage a seamless and professional experience for your attendees.

Presenter console - Moderator

Take complete control of your live event delivery. Manage slides, polls, multimedia and hyperlink content.

Respond directly to questions from your attendees and assign questions to your experts.

Presenter console - Q&A

Create meaningful engagement with your audience and capture real-time feedback on how your messages are received.

Integrations & social media

Social media sharing is at the heart of STREAMSTUDIO. Each webcast has the option to allow users to share their webcast experience on their social networks.

We can also integrate external feeds directly into a client’s webcast – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… so your audience will be updated in real time.

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On-demand and interactive
Extend the life of your message and continue to capture analytics.

Timestamp key moments within your webcast presentation for easy post-event review.

Archive outputs
Reversion your event in a wide variety of output formats, including MP4 and channel player.

Use our professional transcript and translation services to create written documents of your event.

Post-event editor
Remove pauses, interruptions or errors of your live broadcast to create the perfect on-demand experience.

Direct attendees to a post-event survey, questionnaire or poll for detailed event feedback.

Live and on-demand

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People & platform

STREAMSTUDIO is the world’s webcast platform. We pride ourselves on our high service standards, with our unique people and platform approach.

The platform
Built at the birth of webcasting, STREAMSTUDIO has benefitted from sustained investment and the daily rigours of the market for almost two decades. STREAMSTUDIO has proven itself as the most secure and reliable webcast platform, with 100% uptime.

The people
Our teams are the most experienced video streaming experts in the industry. We work closely with our clients, planning, coordinating and attending the most complex and important webcast events. Our streaming technologists, webcast producers, event managers, content producers, designers and coordinators are the people and the power behind the STREAMSTUDIO platform.

The proof
Over 200 of the world’s largest companies rely on STREAMSTUDIO every day and we boast an impressive 95% annual client retention.

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Attendee authentication
Gather attendee information without asking too many questions at registration. Let us know who will be joining and we will pre-register them so participants quickly access the webcast.

Automatic stream / bandwidth selection
Avoid frustrating video buffering for your participants. STREAMSTUDIO automatically selects the optimal video size based on the available internet connection for each specific device.

Minimal bandwidth
If you are worried about streaming bandwidth on internal sites, STREAMSTUDIO offers an on-premises solution by which a local instance of our streaming server is installed on your company premises. Everything is kept inside your network, taking advantage of high-speed connections and avoiding bottlenecks.

Customised templates

STREAMSTUDIO templates are based on ‘open standards’, allowing them to be fully customisable to client needs.

We apply the brand style of each client into our template structure to create a completely on brand experience for your attendees.

The “open standards” utilization also ensures that the template is easily and securely accessible inside corporate networks.

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Adaptive & split screen

Access control & authentication

STREAMSTUDIO has a range of security measures and options to restrict access to unauthorized participants, including…

  • IP
  • Username + password
  • Database
  • Country

On top of these, we can also employ…

  • Intranet authentication
  • External authentication

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Server configuration


Hierarchical cascade

STREAMSTUDIO templates are fully cascadable, allowing us to customise every template for your specific company webcast.

Utilise the STREAMSTUDIO Hierarchy to

  • Establish Content Ownership
  • Create a uniform look and feel
  • Reuse text elements (in all languages)
  • Manage viewer access rules
  • Define admin users access rights

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