‘Towns without Trains” Educational / Promotional Animation

Xenophon Strategies

The current US government has very recently highlighted that the funding that was promised (during recent national campaigning) to those states whose local rail network and infrastructure is in steep decline may well now be diverted to other concerns. This makes the threat of those states having little or no rail operation very real indeed – impacting employment, tourism, real estate prices and quality of life.

The solution

“Towns without Trains” is a national campaign and call to arms to stop this potential funding u-turn in its tracks; it’s the type of client that Xenophon Strategies are famous for supporting – unifying messages, inspiring communities and ultimately making things happen for the good of the nation. Alongside a PR & Outreach campaign, Xenophon was keen to create a short, impactful animation that would serve to introduce the issue, discuss the campaign and act as a clear call to action.


The result

As wtv. have an ever-expanding US presence, Xenophon immediately picked up the phone – challenging us to create a slick piece of content that would serve to introduce and amplify “Towns without Trains”.

They were delighted with it – and with only three days to complete it’s an example of wtv.’s prowess in both creative and promise-keeping!