TCLC Update, HYR and Global Town hall

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook communication strategy and partnership with wtv. has been welcomed by their internal employee network as a very positive change and way to communicate to all the employees in all their offices and travel agencies around the world. This means that Thomas Cook now relies on wtv. to deliver most of their internal communications and financial results throughout the year.

The solution

Working very closely with the clients, the Head of IR and the head of Comms, we coordinated every aspect of the event that would take place over three days. This includes the setup and the stage build. This presentation included a 3-camera setup and a graphics element that would feed the videos and ppt slides into as well as the program feed into the webcast presentation.


The results

A smooth and seamless worldwide video webcast with videos mixed into the presentation by the graphics operator. The slides in the presentation are also incorporated into the program feed as most people that are watching the presentation are in bigger presentation rooms like boardrooms, meeting rooms, canteens, galleries and even hangars and airplanes. There is approximate of the 20k audience representing all geographical areas and office where Thomas Cook is present around the world. People were also able to ask questions over the phone, the webcast Q&A tool and the mobile question tool developed specifically for this presentation.