Presentation and new name launch


Helicopter factory site survey.
All investors were invited to the factory to see how the helicopters are made. The challenge was that there were 100 people attending the tour with tour guides (engineers) taking them through the factory.
How to make a 100 people divided into 4 groups listen to the tour guide in a very noisy environment?

The solution

The solution was to set up a 2 large live tour guide wireless system in the facility each one with 2 channels so to have 4 guides talking to their groups simultaneously, using headphone sets and microphones plus multiple antennas for the coverage of a vast area – all in English.

The event | Video webcast / staging


a) To enable the press to see the live event from their dedicated room. Since there was no connectivity in that room too, we installed 3 massive TV screens as well as a sound system. It was necessary to cables to the press room so to have the synchro with what was happening in the event room. There was a significant distance between the two rooms, so we have to install a system of signal amplification and so to have a perfect live feed in the press room as well.

b) During the press conference after the live event. The CEO gave a speech to the press, in Italian. Giving all the signal to TV, Radio…including a live English translator for the non-Italian speaker.


The solution

Integrating the audio-visual equipment and the staging with what was already present in the room (ex. Stage was built in front of the altar, building the stage around it with screens surrounding the Altar).

We had all the TV’s, radio and media press invited. The press could not attend the live event held in the church room. They were only allowed in the press room. 80-100 people from the press were attending. It was held in another section of the museum.

The results

The event had a very big impact on the company making it one of their milestones. All the big Italian and European media have reported about it and we managed to make a very complex event to run smoothly with no stress for the client.