Capital Market Day


The client asked us to make the place reflect the Coca-Cola brand (Through branding and all staging elements): two rooms were used. One for the live webcast event and the second one for the reception/bar event afterward. ‘These guys have Coca-Cola in their veins’ so we had to make sure it looked corporate but in fun/welcoming way reflecting the Coca-Cola brand identity.

The solution

We designed everything from staging to visuals blending within the interior design of the room. Keeping it corporate/serious looking but adding a touch of funkiness. The video webcast event incorporated the Coca-Cola Ad ‘Taste the feeling’, combining different moments of the ad but in different languages representing different countries, creating a mashup. We also made the refreshments in the reception/bar area engaging.

Just a note to thank you for your big part in making Monday such a success. The set and bar area looked great and as far as I’m aware it went smoothly on the tech side! Management is very happy, especially as the shares are up 7%!!
Note from the client