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CREWSTUDIO is the new video creation app from wtv.. Tell the stories of your employees and community through high-quality, affordable, professionally edited video.


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What and why?


is a simple and smart mobile app designed to harness the power of employees or members to create collaborative, authentic video content.

offers easy and low-cost creation of user-generated video for internal communications, sales and marketing and social media amplification.

turns your global employees into professional film crews with defined tasks, smart in-camera features and filming tips.

uses the power of smartphone video technology to deliver low-cost, high quality and fast turnaround content.

dramatically expands your content, your messages and your reach.

Is this for us? Yes...

…if you need to create video content that represents the authentic voices of your global employees

…if you want to keep control over your messages

…if you have limited budgets for professional crews but need to guarantee high-quality content

…if want to reduce the time and internal resources involved in managing global video projects

…if you need a fast turnaround of branded content at an event, or to capture a ‘moment in time’

…if you need to collect video footage over a long period of time, or across multi-location projects

…if you need to create content with a common theme from a diverse group of people

…if you want to film in a location that is hard to access for external agencies

How do I use it?

Step 1 – BRIEF
In collaboration with wtv. you create the filming brief for the project

wtv. creates your CREWSTUDIO project, including specific shot list, questions and filming instructions

Step 3 – CONNECT
Your employees are notified and asked to download the CREWSTUDIO app

Step 4 – FILM
Your employees film and upload footage directly in-app

wtv. edits and polishes the content to create a high-quality, on-message video

Step 6 – DELIVER
The final film(s) are reviewed, signed off and published


1.      Secure access to invited employees only

2.      Easy user journey mirrors the daily use of smartphone video cameras

3.      Task lists include shot lists, question prompts and template tips

4.      In-camera functionality controls video and audio quality

5.      All content is captured in full HD

6.      Video content auto-uploads for fast turnaround editing

7.      Safe video storage using the most secure cloud-based platforms


1.      Create your video in a quiet place without background noise – be alone if you want to be relaxed.

(Watch out for road noise, aircraft, public speaker systems and air-conditioning hum.)

2.      Make sure your location has good lighting.

(Watch out for windows, bright sunlight, fluorescent lighting and dark rooms.)

3.      For videos of yourself, hold the phone steady at an arm’s length for the best image and sound.

4.      For videos of others, hold the phone steady at an arm’s length for the best image and sound.

5.      Be active. Walk and talk while shooting to give the precise location and context of your video.

(Watch out for traffic, machinery, health and safety requirements, animals and cliffs!)

6.      Be yourself. Practice what you want to say, but don`t script or read your answers off paper.

7.      Be inclusive. Interview colleagues in their real environments using these simple tips.

8.      Less is more with video content. Being concise will only please your audience.


1.      How do I let my CREWSTUDIO team know about the project?

When wtv. has set up your project, email your team a link to the app or direct them to the app store to download CREWSTUDIO for free.

2.      How will they identify the project?

Each project is given a unique project ID. Enter the ID into CREWSTUDIO to gain access.

3.      How do I brief my CREWSTUDIO team?

Your filming briefs are pre-loaded into your project in the app as defined tasks and prompts. This ensures the right content is captured.

4.      How do I control the quality of the video?

CREWSTUDIO`s built-in functionality ensures that video content;

  • is created in landscape
  • has the same horizons and angles using in-camera spirit levels
  • is correctly framed using an easy to use framing grid
  • is short and concise using a duration limiter

5.      What if a CREWSTUDIO user wants to delete the clip and try again?

After each piece of content is filmed users can review the video in the app. If it’s not quite right, they can delete the clip and try again. When they are happy, they submit the clip directly from the phone.

6.      What protects a CREWSTUDIO user from using up limited or expensive data on their phone?

CREWSTUDIO is designed to automatically upload clips only when connected to wifi. There is an option to configure uploads using data if required.

7.      What happens to the clip once it is automatically uploaded?

The clip is automatically deleted from the user’s phone ensuring content confidentiality and security.

8.      How do I review the CREWSTUDIO content?

All the video content is loaded into a secure cloud-based server with password access for review.

9.      How do I edit the CREWSTUDIO content?

wtv. provides fast turnaround professional editing services to produce the final high-quality video to your brief.

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